Operating without a license (32)

Jail Cell With Open Door

a person shall not operate a gambling establishment unless he or she has a valid license issued by the Authority. if a person contravenes the provision of the aforementioned they vommit an offense and are liable to a fine not exceeding P180 000, or an imprisonment term not exceeding 15years, or to both and a second subsequent offense, to a fine not exceeding P240 000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 20years or to both.

Types of licenses (33)

The authority may grant the following types of licenses

  1. Betting license
  2.  Bingo license
  3.  Bingo machine license
  4.  Bookmaker’s license
  5.  Casino license
  6. Gambling establishment license
  7. Gambling machine license
  8. Lottery license
  9. Lottery machine license
  10. Racing license
  11. Testing agent license
  12.  A totalisator license

Gambling Activities

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