Responsible Gambling



Monitoring Social effects of gambling

The Gambling Authority established the excessive Gambling Prevention and Rehabilitation Commitee to monitor the social and economic effects of gambling Botswana, including the need for counselling and other services. The commitee also monitors the development and implementation of the programmes and strategies aimed at preventing addictive or compulsive gambling, and rehabilitating compulsive gamblers

further more the Gambling Prevention and Rehabilitation Commitee will annually report to the minister on the results of its activities and the minister  in turn shall put before the national assembly a copy of the report

code of practice

Code of practice

The Excessive Gambling Prevention and Rehabilitation Commitee shall develop a code of practice setting out guidelines, programmes and strategies to;

  1. Prevent addictive or compulsive gambling
  2. Rehabilitate those who engage in addictive or compulsive gambling

The Code of Practice shall apply to all licensees and shall include, but not limited to, guidelines, programmes and strategies;

  1. regarding the training of people employed in gambling establishments to recognizeand deal appropriately with addictive or compulsive gamblers or people who are at risk of so becoming
  2. to deal with people employed in gambling establishments or with clients who engage in gambling addictively or compulsively
  3. limiting or prohibiting, as it is considered appropriate, facilities, at gambling establishments, which enable a gambler to spend more than they had initiatly intended, such as automatic teller machines, credit facilities and payments by cheque or credit card

the Commitee shall from time to time, review the effectiveness of the code of practice and make recommendations to the Authority.